Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Charlie's New Friend!

Just take a look at these two pictures. One is from 2 months ago halfway across the world in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China. The other is from today 9 miles from our house! This is Charlie and his new friend. We were so lucky to be able to meet Nathan in China. Charlie and Nathan are not from the same orphanage, but from the same city. When we visited Charlie's orphanage, the director of Nathan's orphanage was kind enough to bring him to Charlie's orphanage for a visit so we could meet him. Nathan's mom and I have become friends and found out we live 9 miles from each other. Nathan's mom is a wonderful woman and Nathan is her 6th adopted child. I am blessed to have met her, her family, and Nathan. What a small, small world!

Amelia in a Play!

We thought Amelia would be perfect for acting classes. Well, turns out she is quite shy in front of other people (she is a total drama queen at home)! Here is a link to a little play she was in for a little acting class. The play is "Ferdinand the Bull" and she plays one of the bulls! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

He Just Belongs Here

Way back when we had Clara, and she was born with a cleft lip and palate, Pete's grandpa wrote us a letter and said that God only gives you what you can handle...I have always thought of that in difficult times. Not that we are having a really difficult time, but we are all still adjusting to having a 4th child in the house. Most of the time Charlie is sweet, funny, loving, silly, etc...but, he certainly is challenging at times. He can have terribly loud, kicking, screaming temper tantrums over seemingly minor things (like telling him to stop picking his nose) and they can last 30 minutes! It's difficult, but I keep telling myself there is probably more to it than whatever set him off (like some memory of his orphanage, ayi's etc). He now calls me "mama" about 95% of the time (instead of ayi)...the other 5% of the time is "ayi-mama". I think that's definite progress. Here is a picture of CJ and Charlie being silly and one of sweet Amelia! Charlie definitely fits in here and belongs with us...God knew the perfect child for our family.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Who is that??

Oh, it's Charlie!!
And, Amelia!!

Charlie as Yoda!!

Our Family on Halloween!

Ewww...gross pumpkin guts!

Wow, our house was bustling with activity Thursday and Friday! Thursday we painted and carved pumpkins. At first Charlie was not at all liking touching the inside of a know how neat he is! He'd reach in and say "EWWWWW" and "UKKKKKY!" After a while, I think he thought it felt kind of fun! Pete carved the coolest said "The Schmidt 6" and CJ made a barfing pumpkin, Clara painted a cute dracula pumpkin and Amelia made one with a silly smile. It was fun.

On Halloween, our family went in all different directions. Clara went with her friends and a couple dads...she was dressed in her PJ's. CJ went with his friends and Pete. He was Angus Young (from ACDC). Amelia was a cowgirl riding a horse and Charlie was Yoda! I took Charlie and Amelia and went around with some friends. Charlie got a kick out of holding out a bucket and getting something in it every time! He pushed his way to the front of our group and said "twick tweet" and "tank ew" every time. It was precious! Then he totally konked out! He was exhausted. Grandma and Grandpa were still here and they really enjoyed seeing how excited the kids were these last couple days!